Programm of IHF IPO World Cup 2018 (preliminary)

Friday, 20.04.2018

Training possibilities at the stadium 

Training at the stadium takes place  according to training schedule. The amount of time depends on the team and number of team members. For training at the stadium are only the participants and relevant helpers allowed. At the stadium are blinds, hurdle and A-frame, as well as retrieve articles.
The time allowed for training is 10 minutes/dog participating. The training is supervised by the organisers. If a team does not attend at their given time, they may train at the end of the training session. Females in heat are not allowed for training. They will have their training time just before their start in section B. 

Presentation of protection work

The demonstration of protection takes place at the stadium. There the 2 selected helpers will be introduced. Present will be the head judge, judge for section C, head organiser, as well as the helpers.
At least 1 dog well qualified at Level IPO 3 will be presented.

Marching in and Opening ceremony

The marching in of all teams with their dogs takes place at the Stadium. All teams will be introduced by the stadium speaker. There will be some speeches.

Drawing of the start numbers

The drawing of the individual starting numbers will be held in the restaurant at the stadium.
For the teams and team members are the seats reserved. For spectators is enough space. 

Saturday & Sunday, 21.04.2018 - 22.04.2018

Obedience & Protection IPO3

Obedience & Protection IPO1

Tracking IPO3

Tracking IPO1

Saturday, 21.04.2018 

Dinner / Banquet

Sunday, 22.04.2018

Final ceremony of IHF IPO World Cup 2018